M. T. M. Creator

As we are a global specialist in customer experiences, customer care, sales and technical support in the Online-Verification area, and our scope of workexponentially grows, we are constantly looking for more man power.

Our employees are trained to carry out inbound calls and other communication in German, English, Croatian and other languages. We are very proud of the cooperation and flexibility of our employees, which translates to their results and the general working atmosphere.

You are very communicative and you are also pleased to deal with many different characters and to respond to the individual needs in order to perform an optimal and product-related Online-Verification? - Great, apply today for a job interview and a trial day.

Job description:

  • As a customer adviser, you manage the administration of confidential data via Video-Ident
  • You support customers through the communication and solution-oriented per video
  • You’re NOT a salesperson
What can you expect?
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working hours for students depending on opportunities and commitments
  • A great, motivated team in which we support and help each other
  • Friendly colleagues and international flair
  • Individual development opportunities and motivating bonus on salary
  • Above average salary
  • Exceptional training

What are we looking for?

  • Very good knowledge of spoken and written German
  • Enjoying people
  • Good English skills are an advantage
  • Croatian language skills are NOT required
  • Each additional language is a plus
  • students, full-time or part-time employees

Interested? Apply now.